The Giant Autumn Leaderboard

fig-1Okay, so it’s got to THAT time in the year. The allotment is far from over for the winter, there are several crops still growing and a couple of new ones still under the ground for next year. But it’s definitely a good time to take stock, so I’ve decided to go through every crop individually and give it a rating.

I’ll be taking you on a virtual walk around the plot, so crops will be listed geographically – that makes sense only to me or anyone who has ever seen my allotment. Hey, call me odd, but it’s the best way to remember crops that are long-gone.

Ratings will go on this page, with links to individual reports. It will be curious to see whether the ticks outweigh the crosses…

Strawberries – a measly 12/30

Blackberry Black Cascade – 7/10

Asparagus Pacific 2000/Stewart’s Purple – 7/10

Tomtato™/Egg&Chips – split the difference 6/10

Tomato Crimson Crush – 9/10

Tomato Sweet and Neat – 4/10

Tomato Tumbling Tom Red – 3/10

Tumbling Tom Yellow – 9/10

Tomato Red Pear – unscored

Tomato Sweet Million – unscored

Tomato Principe Borghese – unscored

Tomato Red Bodyguard – 8/10

Tomato Crimson Cherry – unscored

Tomato Gardener’s Delight – unscored

Apple Red Windsor – 3/10

Apple Scrumptious – 5/10

Apple Falstaff – 7/10

Pear Concorde – Unscored

Plum Victoria – 7/10

Cherry Summer Sun – Unscored

Garlic – 8/10

Sweetcorn Ruby Queen – 0/10

Pumpkin Crown Prince – 6/10

Pumpkin Rouge Vif de Temps – 7/10

Pumpkin Musquee de Provence – 6/10

Blackcurrants (unknown variety) – 9/10

Potatoes (International Kidney and Charlotte) 2/10

Rhubarb (Timperley Early) 10/10

Celery Peppermint Stick 4/10

White Currant Blanka 10/10

Redcurrants 1/10

Quince Meeches Prolific 10/10

Gariguette 2016 dressed

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