Giant Autumn Roundup: Currants

A game of two halves. First the good news. The white currants ‘Blanka’ were stupendous. I had such an enormous crop of berries so sweet I ate them straight, not cooked, that they overtook me. At a time when work was particularly busy, to my shame I just didn’t have time to turn them into anything useful and superb fruit ended up on the compost heap as I just couldn’t eat them fast enough.

Score: 10/10

The redcurrants, unknown and ‘Rovada’ were a different thing entirely. Admittedly, in 2015, they had languished under an errant pumpkin that denuded them of all leaves, and were only just recovering this year, but they stayed puny and small and frankly, they’re on notice.

I’ve allocated a lot of room for them on the plot, in prime space and they are sitting in the middle of giant beds like pimples on a teenage face. I have a serious mind to dig them up for something more event-like, though may allow them one more year on probation.

Score: 1/10

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