Giant Autumn Roundup- Summer Spuds

It’s been a long time – and a whole other allotment plot – since I grew large amounts of potatoes. Frankly, they’re cheap enough to buy so I only grow a few – International Kidney AKA Jersey Royal when sold commercially from the Channel Islands, and Charlotte, for old times’ sake.

It was a weird year and not the best I’ve known. I’m even wondering if I bought contaminated stock from the garden centre as it grew above ground just fine but when I dug them up neither had the look, texture or taste of the varieties I’m used to.

The International Kidney, rather than being silky and waxy, was crunchy and bland.

Charlotte was not the golden colour I’ve enjoyed for years and it cropped poorly. If it was the first year I was growing either variety I’d never bother again.

As it is, I do like these two potatoes. Next year I will buy from a different seed merchant and give them another go, but this year, they were bland and unexciting.

One interesting thing to note. I held back, as I always do, a few Charlottes, which I kept in the bottom of the fridge to plant in August. They have now come to term and I shall be curious to see how they’ve done.

Score: 2/10

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