Great Autumn Roundup: TomTato/Egg & Chips

tomtato1I’ll be honest – I don’t think I am the target audience for Tomtato™,  the potato-tomato crossbreed pioneered by Thompson and Morgan. Nevertheless, when I was invited to trial both the Tomtato and the Egg & Chips  (aubergine and potato) I was intrigued.

I received two plants of each, which were grown as I suspect most people grow them – in pots. The Egg & Chips were the first incumbents of my new mini greenhouse but the Tomtato went in an open cold frame.

They both grew well. I got quite a few cherry tomatoes from the Tomtato but only one full-size aubergine from the Egg & Chips. Both tasted okay – nothing to write home about but perfectly fine. On the plus side, neither plant got blight, when so many did this year.

The potatoes were a small crop, but useful. Again a reasonably bland variety but then my spuds haven’t been that exciting this year anyway.

Will I grow them on the plot again? Probably not. They’re quite expensive and do take up some room, which I feel would be better spent on Event crops.

Ultimately, the Tomtato and Egg & Chips are great novelty plants. They’re fun to grow and I think would especially excite children, but as allotment crops, they over-egg the pudding.

Score: For the allotment: 4/10 For kids: 8/10

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