Trial Update: Pelargonium ‘Tommy’ and ‘Apple Blossom’

window boxBack in April, I was sent two new varieties of pelargonium by Vernons Nursery, Tommy, a deep, blackcurrant-purple trailing variety with ivy leaves, and Apple Blossom Improved, which I’d desperately tried to grow in the past as I’d adored the delicate cream and pink blossoms, but been frustrated by when the tight buds failed to open, gone brown and dying before any flowers actually came out.

Apple BlossomI am delighted to say they are utterly stunning. All the plugs took, they are doing fine in their window boxes and blooming beautifully. Tommy is even richer purple than I dared hope and Apple Blossom actually is improved Рthe flowers are open, creamy and sweetly flushed with pink.

Aple Blossom 2They may not be edible, but they are certainly an Event.


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