Product trial: Pelargoniums

Tommy 2Oh, the joys of the Garden Press Event, held once a year in London for people who write about gardens.

I always love it as it’s brim-full of people who love gardening in all its forms. There’s inspiration a-go-go, with new people to meet, new ideas to try and new products to test.

Last year’s first product-test of the year was from Vernon’s Nursery whose pelargoniums Tommy and Appleblossom Improved were such a hit last year that I took as many cuttings as possible for this year.


Well, they’re in like Flynn this year too, with a selection – one each of Zonal Robe, Trailing Amethyst, Trailing Apricot, Rouletta and Trailing Tommy.

They’re so new that I can’t find images or links to them on the website yet so they will be a marvellous (I hope) surprise…


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