On Test: Pelargoniums

I’ve been sent samples of two gorgeous-looking pelargoniums from the Vernon Nursery, that specialise in all manner of geraniums.

Geranium appleblossomI’ve long-loved ‘Appleblossom’ – a delightful specimen plant with tiny, rosebud-style flowers in pale pink and cream, but I stopped growing them some years ago as I found the buds tended to stay half-unfurled, never actually opening before turning brown and dying. I am truly hoping Appleblossom Improved will have ironed out this kink and it can be as beautiful in real life as it is in my head.

Geranium TommyI fell in love with Tommy the moment I saw those deep red-purple flowers. I love ivy-leafed pelargoniums in hanging baskets and Tommy’s rich, sophisticated colour makes it a must-have.

Five plugs of each variety arrived today (April 20) and I’ve put them into communal holding-pots until the weekend when I can properly pot them up. As with all the plants I’m trialling this year, I’ll be regularly updating this post over the season for a full review.

They’ve arrived in time as I totally forgot to take cuttings of my existing pelargoniums and only managed to do it about 10 days ago. I have no idea if they’ll take.

window box

UPDATE, July 27, 2016

I am delighted to say they are utterly stunning. All the plugs took, they are doing fine in their window boxes and blooming beautifully. Tommy is even richer purple than I dared hope and Apple Blossom actually is Improved – the flowers are open, creamy and sweetly flushed with pink.

Apple Blossom

They may not be edible, but they are certainly an Event.

Tommy 2

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