Never Garden without Tea

more teaActually, that should read ‘never garden without tea and cake’ but there are the odd, occasional times when I’ve not baked and have to make do with digestives.

I don’t see the point in not making event gardening an event in itself. I know plenty of plotholders who just come down to dig/weed/hose and then go home exhausted. Where’s the fun in that? This is my hobby. I want to enjoy it.

To that end I’ve ‘sacrificed’ a square of my plot to grass, on which is an old tin table. I’ve got some lovely old kitchen chairs I recovered so they look like shabby chic geejaws from an expensive Shoreditch boutique but on the kind of hill I have I generally resort to some plastic chairs I got off a skip. tea

I ALWAYS use my lovely gingham tablecloth and squashy chair-cushions, even if I’m on my own and not even expecting visitors. I have a proper teapot (mainly because if you make teabag-tea it creates a nasty froth) and plastic cups, because enamel ones burn your mouth if you’re out in the cold.

tea weedsIt does involve lugging all the kit with me, but it’s not that much, the tablecloth, teapot and squashies live in the shed (alongside a couple of old plastic wine glasses for summer fun.)

Tea is as much a part of event allotmenteering as the actual gardening.

It’s an occasion, and gives me an excuse to pause with other plotholders and actually enjoy what we’ve been doing.

BTW the perfume bottle on the shelf is Soir de Paris, which I bought hoping to recreate the authentic wartime smell. It’s so vile I use it as insect spray


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