Journal of the Plague Year

Shame on me, that it takes a pandemic to get me writing this blog again. I’ll be honest – I stopped for a reason – basically I was seeing a load of ‘gardening blogs’ that didn’t do anything other than show off what their writers had been growing and I began to wonder if I had anything more than that to say.

Courgettes just keep on coming if you harvest them regularly

Apparently now, I do. I’ve been talking to sundry gardening and non-gardening friends on FB about doing something positive in these strange times of disease and one of them is growing food we can enjoy. I haven’t noticed a run on seeds yet (though there may be) and now is the classic sowing time for home-growing anyway.

Not only can figs be grown in a pot, they’re actually better when their roots are contained.

When I first started this blog it was on growing non-essentials that were pricey or hard to find as, at the time, basics were easy to get. Times they are a-changing, however, and it’s possible that a getting kilo of onions for 37p in Aldi will soon be a thing of the past.

Pumpkins take a lot of room but are fantastic to grow and some varieties last for ages.

So the blog’s changing too, at least for the duration. I’ll be suggesting some things to grow and sow each week; ideas that can suit various spaces.

Photo: Paul Lindus

Not everyone’s lucky to have an allotment or even a garden, so I’ll suggest stuff for indoors too.

We’ll talk through microgreens – you don’t need fancy equipment like this

These veggies will still be ‘events’ – just maybe not the really unusual stuff I talked about in the past.

Whitecurrants are super easy to grow but I’ll be honest, I never know what to do with them.

Let me know what you’d like this blog to be and I’ll try to help.

Photo: Paul Lindus

It’s been a while – welcome back, all!

Bruschetta. Yum.

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