Event Number One of 2017: Purple Sprouting Broccoli

I’m always surprised at how weedy little seedlings turn into handsome specimens

For the first time ever the rhubarb has been pipped to the post for the first event of 2017 – by purple sprouting broccoli.


First purple sprouting broccoliIt’s the first time I’ve grow it to term – the only other time I tried it, it developed into a huge, happy plant with no intention whatsoever to send out flower shoots.


I went back to bog-standard basics for my first attempt in years – Early Purple Sprouting. It wasn’t particularly early, but it has sprouted and it is purple, though with a looser head than I expected. I steamed it to eat with supper this evening and yes, it was an event. A small one, but an event all the same. Here’s to many more…

PSB in trug


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