Event: Peas, straight from the pod

PeasI have no idea how anyone grows enough peas to be able to take them home. My allotment neighbour, Les, even has enough to freeze but me – well although I’d never be without my pea patch, frankly they never make it off the plot…

not actual sizeThis year I’m using up the last of my Ambassador seeds. I bought them last year, mistaking them for Alderman climbing peas and was very disappointed they didn’t grow above a couple of feet high. But the flavour was good and they cropped as well as any peas on the plot, so I sowed the rest in a bed I’d intended for sweetcorn.

They took rather longer to swell than I expected (probably the godawful weather we’ve been having) which mean the sweetcorn had to go elsewhere, but they’ve cropped decently and they’re a sheer joy to pick individually and scoff then and there.

Peas on earth

Fat pods contain between seven and nine juicy peas, with a lovely sweet, nutty flavour. I probably won’t buy them again – they weren’t totally knockout and I want to experiment with other varieties, but this tiny little crop has been, despite its non-climbing nature, a true event. Roll on a few weeks when I’ll be testing the double-podded Jaguar.

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