Event – Gariguette Strawberries

Gariguette 2016

This is the second year I’ve grown Gariguette and I’m absolutely delighted. I took runners last year and have always been a little concerned that they’re notoriously light croppers. I figured, though, that I’d rather have a few superb fruit than a load of indifferent berries.

I’m happy to report that both the second-year mature plants and the runners have grown strongly (more strongly than either Mara de Bois or Manille) and cropped heavily. They are upright, powerful little bruisers and the flavour is superb. Last night’s event was sublime – just warm, freshly-picked fruit, a naughty bowl of caster sugar (unnecessary but hey…) and a glass of chilled Gruner Veltliner. Maybe it should have been a French wine…just call me rebel.

Gariguette 2016 dressed

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